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I Miss You...

I Miss Us...

The Old Us...

And I'm Hoping that you'll read this post :(

My Angels.

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Rambling Stuff

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Don't you just sometimes wish that you have their life? I mean to live a life that isn’t meant for you? Questions like “Why do I have to face this” or “Why can’t I be like him/her” always pop outs from our mind whenever we endure some hardships in life. When we are at our darkest moment, we tend to blame ourselves, cries and act like the world is going to end. But we never do anything to fix it or make it shine again. We usually wish to have a better life, to have a less unfortunate life. We refuse to go through any hardship. Try to look at a brightside. All those weak moments are the one who taught us to be strong in life. To be in dependable! Without those downfalls, we aren’t enjoying life to the fullest.

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Mitch Albom!

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Sejak da tade wat pape kt ruma skunk, I started back my old hobby which is….

*drums roll*


N currently, Im a huge fan of Mitch Albom ! Basically, hes an American novelist. Novel dye sume best best! He emphasis on family, love and friendship values in all of his novels. As far as I know lah, dye ade dlm 4 novel which is Tuesdays With Morrie (x beli n baca lgi), 5 People You Meet In Heaven, For One More Day and the latest one is Have A Little Faith.

Well, this is my favourite one. Ta-daaa. 5 People You Meet In Heaven !

Cter dye psl Eddie, a wounded war veteran. Slps dye mati from accident kt amusement park, dye kene jumpa 5 important people yg pna ade dlm idup dye before dye pegi heaven. Kira cter dlm novel nie banyak flash back bout his previous life and psl afterlife. It’s really intresting ! After reading this novel, we really cld see life from other side of perspective. Org pertama yg Eddie jumpa is a Blue Boy which is a person yang dye nyaris2 nak langga. 2nd person is his chief commander mse time dye jdi soldier. The 3rd person is his father. The 4th person is his lovely wife whom he loved the most. N lastly a girl tht he tried to save yg menjadi punca dye mati. 5 Star for this novel !

Another Mitch Albom’s novel yg menjadi kegemaran ku is…. For One More Day.

It’s a story about Chuck who gets another chance to meet his mother yg da mati eight years ago. He tries to commit suicide cuz his family starting to negelct him. His own daughter x jemput dye dtg her wedding ceremony. He is so devastated. The night tht he fails to kill himself, dye balik ruma mak dye. Dye cam terkejut la jmpe balik mak dye yg da mati 8 thn dlu. So he tries to make up balik kt mak dye. Kire cam dye dpt another chance to be with his loved ones. This novel portrays a big obvious question for its readers “What would you do if you had one more day with someone you’ve lost?

The latest and newest Mitch Albom’s novel is Have A Little Faith!

Well, cter dye kali nie a bit slow sket. X heart pumping cm the previous one. It’s a continuous from Tuesdays With Morrie. It’s a bout Morrie goes through several heartfelt conversations with the Rabbi in order to better know and understand the man that he would one day eulogize. So after dye jmpe Rabii tuh, his faith awakens. Then, he meets Henry Covington, a past drug dealer and a ex-convict. The novel tells bout Mitch experiences with Henry and how the differences in their faith in the world. This novel is not to my liking cuz the story plot is a bit slow kot. N mayb sbb x bce Tuesdays with Morrie, so tatau ape jadi sgt kt Micth nie.


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In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back.
-Charlie Brown-

Counting The Days!

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oh matrix! knp lah dpt kt n9 !! haha! balik kampung la nmpk nye. rmai mbr2 skola sume kne campak kt labuan. mmg bdk2 sbh n srwk kne campak situ pon. seb baek la ltk address kampung so dpt la n9. heee. anyway, sgt sgt lah jeles cuz rmai my former classmates from smk section 24 dpt kt slngr! grr. best nye korg!! dpt gather balik. huaa! well, xpe la. da naseb en diorg dpt sne. da la matrix baru kot! grr.

hurm, upu result kua dlm early may. but still, tatau lgi the exact date. am hoping dpt kt uitm shah alam lah. cuz apparently, my sis nk sambung degree kt stu. so, klau dpt tmpt sme cm sng sket lah. haha! ahh, x kesa la. mn2 pon sme jee. jnji blaja kan kan. :D but somehow, am hoping dpt uia la plak. hahaha! ustazah weehhh! XD

tick-tock... tick-tock..

well, after papa balik from 1 year course, we all kne pindah blk kt k.l. haih! somehow i dont feel like moving out from srwk at all! well, i mean it! cuz i knw, its hard for me to come back here again. dilemma !!! but on the same time. feel kinda excited gak nk pndh blk. ye la. i miss my 6th teenians !! kire skunk cm 50:50 la sme de nk pndh ke tanak.

mama pon da isi borang pndh for this june. waaahhh. cepat glerr! klau la pndh dlm june nie, my time here in sarawak da kire short gler la. less than 2 months! gosh! tanak la cpt sgt! cbe la pndh end of this year ke. ok la gak en. :((

Flyleaf Baybeh!

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Song Of The Week ! Cube dga lagu nie. Best kan?

Smalam da la kne kaunseling ngn mama. Psl dga lagu cm nie lah. Apelah. Dga je pon tabole ye.

Da lagu tu best nk wat cane kan? Hehe. Oke oke, syera tau meaning dye psl Jesus & Christ sume tuh. But lagu dye best sgt. HAHA. So syera dga la. Aiyaa. Dga je, x nyanyi pon. Heee.

Oke oke. Im so into this band called Flyleaf. Music dye more on hard rock, alternative metal n Christian rock pnye genre. Mbr2 yg malay sume condemn, “wah, genre Christian yg kau minat eh”. Eh hello! Bukan psl tuh la. Music dye mmg super COOLIO taw x! haha! Oke back on the topic, nk cte la sket psl band flyleaf nie.

Vocalist dye name Lacey Mosley. Her voice mmg, pergh, unik lah! Klau time dye scream tuh, best lah. Haha! Songs dye hampir sume si Lacey ni wat sniri. Sbb tuh la bnyk lagu lagu dye more to spiritual and religion pnye type. Nme pon Christian band kan. Haha! Eh x slh pe dga lagu lagu cani. Stakat niey, diorg bru ade 3 album. N almost sume lagu dye lah best!

Songs diorg yg to my liking la kan, All Around Me, Cassie, Breath Today, Perfect, Im So Sick, Again, Beautiful Bride, Fully Alive and so much more ah. Kire hampir sume lagu kt album diorg yg I like. HAHA! But don’t worry lah. Stakat dga je. Xde la smpai taksub mn pon.

U-Kiss !!!

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I’ve found my new addiction ! ! !

Taa-daa, aren’t they super cool. HAHAH!

U-Kiss is a 6-member Korean boy band under NH Media. They debuted in 2008 with a single album entitled Not Young. Their first single is said to be a fusion of the typical kpop as well as a "dirty south" style which was entirely composed by the Brave Brothers.

U-Kiss is comprised of 6 boys – two of which came from or were former members of another group, Xing (Kevin and Kibum). They are a multi-lingual group and this allows them to communicate with fans in Korean, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.*aren’t they superb?*

I wish he could be MINE !! Shin Dong Ho

Can u believe it? That he is just 16 years old ! gaaahhhh!!

One of my favourite song from them. ENJOY !


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This is who I am.

If you love me, accept me for who I am

Yes, I knw tht. But deary dear, I do have limits. Trying to be patient enough for this. Just don’t cross the limit.

Sometimes I'm so stress out thinking wht is ur intention doing this. N yes, i dont think tht i can hold on to this any longer.

Insomnia !

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It's 1.45 am in the morning. And i don't feel sleepy at all ! Help me ! ! Mayday mayday.

what to do? what to do??? Currently im ym-ing with Mr. hydar! it is so fun chatting with him. he really made me laugh in front of my lappy. haha! tq mr. hydar! tq for keep me company yah! hey u know what? i really wanna meet u someday! wait until i get back to shah alam! we'll arrange a meeting yah! :D

*Mr. Hydar !*

As was checking some of my old photos, i find it funny seeing tht u actually change. well for me, being a small & chubby girl during my primary school, people actually shocked tht i manage to lose on weight! haha! u shud really see my photos when i was in standard 5 and 6. u guys wont believe that the little fatso is me! :) sorry ! i'll post the chubby pictures later! XD

*my favourite photo*

ta-daaa, as u can see, this is my favourite photo! taken 3 weeks ago. haha! omg i love this photo so damn very much. cuz mayb of the costume. n my face looked like a doll. HAHA. tenkiu abg nyah yg make up kan sayee. this is call 'Orang Ulu' traditional cloth people! oh yea, i did have a picture of me wearing the iban traditional cloth. but, sadly, tht picture was lost! huaaaaa.

okay enough randomness for today, buh-byeeee

Im So Sorry Babe

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Yes, I knw it’s my fault.

Cant u juz talk to me nicely?

But still, u wanna use tht harsh word.

I was at shocked, seriously.

Whr r u manners, babe?

I nvr heard u saying tht particular word,

But u used it at me?

Whts up with tht?

Oh so u’re in a bad mood?

U’re too emotional?

So u wanna snap it out at me?

Tht is so nice of u, friend.

We’ve been besties for 2 years.

We’ve been through lots of things since then.

If u wanna ruin our friendship ovr ths stupid matter,

Then be my guest babe.

Instead of solving ths nicely,

U told everyone bout it.

Seems u really wanna make a big fuss about this.


Its okay, it’s alright.

Since u’re my besties,

I’ll juz let it go.

But do rmbr,

U don’t knw how much u disappoint me.


Lorritta !

Nukilan dari rose! , April 10, 2010

had a fun day with my sweetheart, LORRITTA. gosh, we had such a hilarious, retarded n super duper fun time !! i drove to Lor's place using my dad's car. HAHAHA. cool. i felt sooo proud when people kept looking at me. heeeee. i think i wanna do tht again !!! well anyway, we eat ice cream, snapping pictures and laughing all day long! Lor's brother, Lesley or "jaeng" kept making me shocked! *bole heart attack aahhh! * anyway, i felt so much at home :D no awkward moments at her place. I LOVE YOU LORRITTA !

Wish List !!

Nukilan dari rose! , April 5, 2010

I gotta have this !

Oh papa, would u be soooo kind to buy me Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro ?? Since i dont have any new phone, please please pleassee i wanna have this ! :D
My current phones are already out-dated !!!! :(

*I really hope he reads this. hahaha!*