Home Sweet Home

Nukilan dari rose! , March 24, 2011

u guys ada berangan tak nk rumah besar besar, rumah cantik cantik sume. okay definitely evrybody has that type of dream. and i started to google the MOST EXPENSIVE house in the world. and taa-daaa. tgk price range dye mmg *drop jaws* pnye level lah. okay here are some of it. enjoyyy. 

*pegi rompank BNM. dpt duet dlm bnm pon x cukup nk beli rumah nie. kene rompak at least 5 national bank. haha

10. Dracula’s Castle, Romania: $ 135 million
Dracula’s Castle seems like a bad name but It’s actually a Romanian castle. The castle became a museum during 1980s. The owner of the castle, Archduke Dominic put up the castle for sale. He request for 80 million dollars. No one want to take the deal for that amount. However, this offer was not accepted and 2 years later, he put up the house for sale again. This time for a price that was not disclosed. But There’s no news that it have sold till now. This amazing house, though named as a castle has 57 rooms, 17 bedrooms and unique and beautiful antique furniture.

sanggup ke korang nak tinggal kat sini? macam haunted jeee. REJECT !
9. Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey, UK: $139 million
This house is located in England, just outside London and is reportedly larger than the Buckingham Palace. This huge structure offers 103 rooms with all facility you can imagine as a rich person. There’s a private cinemas in the north part of the house as well as bowling alley for recreation of the owner. You can find horse barn, squash and tennis courts in case you want to get some refreshing with sport. You can find a marble drive away as well that wait you every morning with a parking lot that large enough to park up to 8 limousines.

*oh my my... this is more like it !!! dpt rumah cani x yah kua pon xpe. sume ada kot ! cinema, bowling, and god who knows what might thay have in there!

8. “The Manor,” Los Angeles, US: $150 million
This house was built in 1991 with French Chateau style. This house has 5248 square meters of room area with more than 4.6 hectares total house area. It’s also the biggest house with the private ownership in the Los Angeles County. The main house is located at the end of long road and well protected with security system. You can find bowling alley, humidity controlled silver warehouse, tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, and luxurious woman beauty care such as beauty salon in the attic and a spa. You can find several garden as well like 18th century style gardens,roof gardens and orange gardens. This house has a parking lot that large enough to park up to 100 cars. You can also find private cinemas on this luxury house.

* luxurious women beauty care? aaaa ! definitely the type of house that i wanna live in ! dear future husband. make sure that our house ada bende nie kay ! WAJIB !

7. “The Pinnacle,” Montana, US: $155 million
This ski Lodge is the largest property in the exclusive private ski and golf community “Yellowstone Club”. You can get a conclusions that this become the owner’s home. Yes, It’s true. It’s the home of Tim and Edra Blixseth. It’s not that big compared to other house in this list with only 10 bedrooms. What’s the facility can be found here? You can find the heated flooring system that stretched throughout the house, fireplace in all bathrooms, a huge wine cellar, indoor and outdoor pool as well as gym and massage room.

*fireplace in all bathrooms? practical ke? haha! okay as a rumah percutian bole laaa. but no way hozey nak tinggal kt sini. REJECT !

6. Franchuk Villa, Kensington, UK: $161 million
This expensive house is located in Belgravia, Central London. It’s six floors property with 20 foot ceilings, lavish equipment and more than 21,000 square ft of rooms to live. This house currently owned by developer from Lebanon, Musa Salem, and It’s now on sale and become the most expensive house on the market now. The house was bought by Mr Salem from the Grosvenor Estate. The home has a Victorian style with many luxury amenities such as swimming pool in the basement, gym, private home theater, large garage space and news room.

*Alaaa price dye mahal gila. tappiii outer design cam biasa jee. worth it ke rasa? REJECT !

 5. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills, US: $165 million
This Luxurious home that located on Beverly Hills is formerly the prestigious home of the U.S. newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. The house has 6 separate residence, three swimming pools, eight fireplace, tennis courts, night club and 29 bedrooms. Those facility is spread in 6 hectares area in the famous platinum triangle neighborhood in Beverly Hills. This renowned house was purchased by Leonard Ross, a lawyer and investor in 1976 that wanted a change of lifestyle. If you own this house you become the close neighbor of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and David and Victoria Beckham.

*gaaaahhhh :O preetttyyy ! tapi calour dye kelakar. but soo damn pretty wehhhh ! wat pe perlu bnyk2 swimming pool eh? to those yang suke sgt clubbing, haa xyah susah2 nak pegi night club kat luar. ajak je mbr dtg rumah. clubbing la kau puas2

4. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, US : $170 million
This large home is the home of Ira Rennert. It has 63 acres area and become the largest residential compound in the US. The house has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, 5 tennis courts, bowling alley, large dining room (91 feet long), and you can find $150,000 hot tub as well. This is a beachfront home is completely use for private house. People was hard to believe for the first time that this house is not used for hotel, spa or retreat place.

*150 000 usd bath tub? woah made of platinum, gold ke ape? gilaa laa. but lawn dye besar nye ! hey future husband. take another note! nnt rumah saya nak lawn besar besar jugak taaww ! so nnt anak x maen jauh2. hihihi

3. The Penthouse, London, UK: $200 million
This apartment that located in Hyde Park will become the most expensive flat in the world at the price of £6,000 per sq/ft. This apartment is guarded with top level security system. You can find many feature of security here such as panic room, bulletproof window, iris scanner, and you can find a tunnel to the nearby area of Mandarin hotel. You can see the communal spas, squash courts and you can find amazing wine tasting rooms here. Of Course this apartment will be served 24 hours by the staffs.

* oh god ! appartment je kot. but u can see how huge it is kan? tpi smpai panic rooma and bulletproof window tu mengarut la sikit. kalau ada earthquake x guna jugak. hehe. ape ape pon, 24 hours service tu yg best. hehe. 
2. Villa Leopolda, Cote D’Azur, France: $506 million
This luxury renowned villa was built on 29,000 square ft area in Riviera, French. It’s renowned for built in the open menicured garden and swimming pools. The villa has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. This villa is having the best beachfront in the south of France. This villa was built for King Leopold from Belgia and was later bought by Edmund Safra. Now the building is the house of the wife of the late Edmund Safra, Lily Safra though it was rumored to be sold to Bill Gates, Gianni Agnelli and undisclosed Russian Tycoon.

*nampak antique gila kan? brapa tahun la umur rumah nie. hehe. tpi x rasa crowded ke tgk design dye? cam tade space bnyk je kt outer part. REJECT!
1. Antilla, Mumbai, India: $1 billion
This modern gorgeous structure is called Antilla. It’s a 27 floors building with 40,000 sq ft tower owned by the CEO of Mumbai based Petrochemical Giant Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani. The building is 570 ft tall and will have 400,000 square feet of interior space. For the parking alone, the building dedicate 6 stories because Ambani has around 168 cars collection. You can see nine elevators with lot of lounge and personal gym in each floor. The house is serving by 600 servant. You can imagine how luxurious this house. Looks like this amazing house will hold the record of world’s most expensive house for a long time as it’s far more expensive from the second most expensive house in the world.

*just look at the price guys ! and rumah tu cam batang penyapu jeee. haha. jgn maen2 interior dye lawa gila okayyyyy !

dah pilih rumah idaman korang? hehe

Si Geek Pink Geeky Pinky

Nukilan dari rose! , March 22, 2011

err tataw lah before this pna buat post psl mamat nie ke tak. aahhh lantak lah! nak buat jugak cuz he has the most superdeliciousiemazing voice !

u guys ingt tak lagi si Jason Mraz nih? This vid is amazing gilaaa. his voice is supperrrbbb. hey jason ! nak lagu baruuuu. yg best best gitu. and and awak nyanyi mmg best gila. live ke tak live ke same je suara. aaa. im keraazziii over you taw tak.

Tribute to him

Nukilan dari rose! , March 21, 2011

Mr. Boyfriend.

Boyfriend - a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman

so, i have one too ! i repeat. ONE jeee. hihihi. its been awhile since we last met! time kt uitm dulu everyday jumpa. especially bila dah nak dekat final, everyday mesti jumpa punye lah. ye la rumah dye pon dkt je ngn uitm kan. bila da x jmpa dye evryday rasa smthin missing pulak. klau tak time2 camni dye tman g mkn, tman stdy, tman g lepas geram. sume dye.

ingat lagi tak time maen futsal cam x maen futsal nie?

cuti dah start so kene lah x jumpa dye hari2. sorg shah alam, sorg ampang -_- dah x jumpa 3 days pon da rasa mcm x kene je. awak awak. esok kita jumpa ye. ye lah lgi pon awk tga final kan. so saya xleh nk kacau awk sgt :(

ttbe je ingt blk time2 kte spend time sme2 kan. maen basikal (tade la pulak gmba maen basikal), maen air kt pantai, ice skatinngg! and awk ajar saya maen pool. ahhaa. rindu nyeee. awk awk, cpt lah habes final. nnt saya boring kt rumah awk tman la saya g jalan2 :(

awak, thanks sebab jadi orang yang paling bajet, paling cool yang pernah saya kenal. haha. thanks sebab tahan dengan perangai saya yang mengada nie. thanks sebab respect family saya. thanks sebab anta saya balik ampang. i heart you azam :D

okay baru perasan x bnyk pon gmba kita -_-

Goodbye, My Friend. Till we meet again.

Nukilan dari rose! , March 18, 2011

OHH-EMM-GEE !!! Foundation of Law UiTM dah habesss !!! what a relieved !! hey x relieved mn lahh. still ada results lagi. 18 March 2011 marked down as the final day for asasi. when the invigilator said "Happy Holidays," the students sume happy gila, shouting, laughing and smilingggg. most of us terloncat loncat happy sbb nk holiday. sape x suke haliday alomost 6 months ! :D

everybody starts asking "cuti ape plan?".."cuti keje tak wehh".."weehh rindu la nanti" and yes the saddest part of this whole happiness is to say "Goodbye fren, till we meet again" jap jap nak buat ayat lame jap. ehemmm "Disebalik kegembiraan tersebut terdapat wajah-wajah sedih yang tetap terpancar walaupun mereka berkata tidak" HAHA

okay back to the REAL thing, time time last cani lah kan korg ingt blk time 1st korg dtg orientation kan. mse on the wat nak blk tadi, i met Athirah (from kedah). she said "rossseeee! rose lah mbr 1st tyra time orientation dulu. ingt tak kita duduk sebelah2 dalam dewan? tyra sedih lahh" and yes i did put a smiling face but deep down inside me, im trying to calm myself, not to burst into tears. then u guys ingt blk time 1st masuk clss. sume duk terkebil kebil tataw ape. and mbr2 korg time orientation pon korg dah x rpt sgt bila msuk class kan. u met the lecturers and the best part of it, u met many kinds of people. x kisah la kt class ke kt mn ke. but people from different walks of life

Dont you feel that time asasi nie baru lah korg belajar to think maturely? haaa. tgk gmba atas tuh. its just like ur turn from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. you are facing the world as it is. Bnyk moments gila kot kt asasi nie. bad moments and happy moments as well. here, we learn how to deal with different people from different place. here i learn who can be trusted and who cant. asasi time tought me how to face the REAL WORLD *its the real deal weeehhh. and yes the most memorable part of it was meeting you :)

i missed my old roomatesnew roomatesclassmates !! and my best buddies who never left me when im in my darkest moment. people that have known the real me yet they still stick with me. im gonna miss you, friend :)

heyyy chillaaxxxx~ x yah nak sedih2. cuti kan panjang righttt?? soo for those yg ada mbr jauh jauh gila tuuhhh, its time for you to pack up ur things agaiiinnn (time cuti nnt la bukan sekarang!) and go ahead !!! get on the road for another adventureee !! dr korg sedih2 x dpt jmpe, cuti nnt korg g la travel kt tmpt mbr tuhh. haaa. wouldnt it be more fun to look at tht perspective? time camni la best !!! cuti lama, korg g another place for another adventure *i've been planning to do that ya knowww??*

and yes my friends, yg mana2 rose rindu sgt nnt. korg tunggu jeee. nnt rose buat roadtrip pulaaakkkk ! i miss you fellow asasiann !!! 

Bruno Mars *loves*

Nukilan dari rose! , March 10, 2011

okay time semua orang sibuk study for finals, im enjoying myself with Bruno Mars's SONGS ! awwww. Hes my current obsession !! :O how can you not love someone that is amazingly cute!!! with an amazing voice tooo. *melts melts* :D awww brunooooo. u're MINE bebeh !!!

Reminisce: Recalling our past memory

Nukilan dari rose!

Laaaahhhh lama x berusik la belog nieee. berhabuk dah rupenyee *kipas kipas smpai bersih*
eeheem. okayyy. bersih !!

Oh tadi bukak balik past notes dekat fb. and terasa rindu la nak pegi sekolah balik. :(
-taken from http://www.facebook.com/syera.lah

hai! nama saya Rose Syahirah. awk plak spe? - ayt standard nk knl kn diri time skola :)

Kenangan Skola Rendah!

Darjah 1
1st day of school. standard 1 in kedah. i still can rmbr this funny incident. whr i cried n cried for not being in schl. i can still rmbr the moment whr papa send me to cls on my 1st day of schl. i sat on the chair n jst watched all the kids having their fun n papa walked away.i sat thr with my wet eyes. wht i can rmbr else is dat i punched a boy later tht same day. 1st day of schl n i got into trouble -__-‘’ y did i do tht? seriously, i cnt rmbr :p

Darjah 2

Shah Alam, here i am msok2 jea darjah 2, tros dpt msok klass ujung. the worse class. ahah. not tht im stupid or wht, daftar2 jea kne msok cls blkng. well who cares. i was the top student in my cls :p izzuddin, ayu, sharifah n firdaus nor. my ex classmates yg still ingt time darjah 2 :D ouh ya not forgetting naufal! one of the sissy boy. aha..lembut gle weh :p time rehat jea. msti dgn diorg. buat ape ye? bkn mkn. tpi main pokemon x silap. haa. betol2. main pokemon2 ngn bdk2 laki dlm cls. ala. time bdk2 lagi. sume otak ingt main je. anyway, time darjah 2, pergh...tiap kali exm..msti top 3 pnye lah. ahah. xtaw la cane leh tercampak msok cls blkg. yang bangga nye dapat top student awardddd :p

Darjah 3 

Time skola rendah yg paling best! lots of thgs to rmbr! this was the time whr i met adnin, maya, zamri. dr cls blkg tros lompat msok cls 1st. ahah. agk bangga la gak. anyway, during ths time, i still rmbr the most wonderful person tht appeared in my life. yes, it was u maya. u’ve been my best friend tht time. we shared laughter and tears. u’ve been thr for me when i was down. maya bnyk kali ckp maya bnyk kekurangn but i do not care. u r still my bestest friend. tq maya sbb jd kwn baik rose. rose syg maya :D ouh ya. not forgetting adnin! yeah. my bestest male buddy! rose syg nin jgak :p rose still ingt lgi time hari kantin. ahah. sweet gle kn nin time tuh. msok rumah hantu. rose hug jea nin. ahaha! xpe time kecik2 lgi. lps tuh nin blnje rose cendol. kn kn kn ;) time rose nanges jea. nin msti ade utk pujuk rose. time rose bengang jea, nin la punching bag rose x) 

Darjah 4

Hello California! darjah 4 stdy kt California. it was a nice schl. Sierra Elementary School. I met different kinds of ppl thr. Mexican, negro, and American. Paula was my closest friend thr. and Jessica too. ahaha. time ni la i had my 1st crush. ahaha. ala. ske ske cm tuh jea. his name was Mark Martinez, he was a Mexican + American. *comel gila weeehhhh* n the most interesting part, he likes me too :p we’re kinda close back then. recess jea slalu g sme2. ahaha. but hey! friends jea k :p n my worst enemy time tu was Alexis!!! slalu sgt carik hal. ahaha. ade time tuh, i even marah alexis in malay. can u believe it? :p sume org tercengang. ahah. ouh yea. time schl bnyk gle actvt wat. celebrating xmas. n time schl kt sne, i was the best stdnt ok. x tipu.!! ade mng award + certificate lgi tuh :D

Darjah 5

Hello back Shah Alam ! da pndai buat hal. ahaha. i caused lots of trouble during ths time. asyk kne pgl jea msok bilik guru. sian my sis time nie. kne lyn prangai adk dye yg troublemaker :p n mse nie jgak la 1st time dpt D for karangn. ahah. karangan terpesong. agk malu jgak la. mn x nye. mama cekgu bm. ank hampeh buat karangn. time darjah 5! sume cekgu knl. ahaha. bkn knl sbb academic performance but psl attitude. time nie jgak i met maisarah. ahah. prangai beza gle. she was like the opposite of me yet we become the best of friends. but then, time darjah 6 kot. she left msia. g uk. huhu. agk sedih la time ni. time ni jgak la i caused trouble to maya. i made many ppl hate her. im sorry maya i hope tht u forgive me. anyway, time darjah 5 jgk ade sum1 confeses dat he likes me. ahah. spe ye? let it be my secret n his :p ala. time bdk2. slmbe jea la an :D

Darjah 6

UPSR!! ahah. i met new friends yg smarter thn me. ainul, shima. kira dak2 genius dlm cls. but they stl willing to help me in my studies. but now cm da lost cntct so idk whts happening to thm. anyways, time darjah 6 nie, ade la sorg dak baru pndh. name’s adilla. ahah. i was so envy at her. everyone wants to be friends with her. n i got jealous of tht. i created so many thgs n probs juz to bring her down. but later, we become close. ahaha. syg awk la dila :p zamri! ahah. dak genius kt schl! he alwys excel in his academic performance. da la putih melepak + chubby. geram gler! cm teddy bear. ahaha.. sorry ye zam :p tpi skunk da kurus da. da remaja la katakn :p

School time was great. especially schl rendah. unmatured times. all u noe is jst to hav lots of fun. u get punish for ur wrong doings but peduli ape. stl buat lgi. ahaha. time kecik sume nk wat...wat jea. xkesa kne marah or not. it was the moment tht u cant rewind. treasure it ;)