Nukilan dari rose! , February 28, 2010

Hah! I’ve recreated my blog, again! Since my last one was a disaster, so here it goes ;D been spending an hour jst for the layout -_-‘’ and thnx god! It looks soo nice :D just the way I wanted. Aha! An another hour for the widgets thingy and blah blah blah. So this NEW BLOG of mine has finally completed ! Hurraah!!


Oh yea. Yesterday I was shockingly found out tht my lovey dovey sys had just bought a new cell phone! Oh god! Im soo soooo jealous of her!! If Ezat ( our so called brother :p ) hadn’t mentioned it to me, I wldn’t knw anythg! Grr.! Damn! I envy her sooo much! Its a maroon sony e satio! Argh! Hate her hate her!

Later tht night, immediately email papa n requested for a new cell phone! Heh heh heh… well, I dint mentioned it yet. Don’t hav the guts to do it though -__-‘’ sooner or later, I’ll do it! :D its jst in a matter of time :D


It’s a boring booooring Sunday. Been sick for the whole week. N thnx god, no more fever! Say bye bye to fever, headache n sore throat! Spending the week with medicine makes me sleepy all day long! Urgh hate it -__-‘’ wht shall I do eh today? Myb later will be headed to the badminton court with Min ;) hopefully she’ll rply my text a.s.a.p!! need some exercise!!! Hah hah hah!