Goodbye, My Friend. Till we meet again.

Nukilan dari rose! , March 18, 2011

OHH-EMM-GEE !!! Foundation of Law UiTM dah habesss !!! what a relieved !! hey x relieved mn lahh. still ada results lagi. 18 March 2011 marked down as the final day for asasi. when the invigilator said "Happy Holidays," the students sume happy gila, shouting, laughing and smilingggg. most of us terloncat loncat happy sbb nk holiday. sape x suke haliday alomost 6 months ! :D

everybody starts asking "cuti ape plan?".."cuti keje tak wehh".."weehh rindu la nanti" and yes the saddest part of this whole happiness is to say "Goodbye fren, till we meet again" jap jap nak buat ayat lame jap. ehemmm "Disebalik kegembiraan tersebut terdapat wajah-wajah sedih yang tetap terpancar walaupun mereka berkata tidak" HAHA

okay back to the REAL thing, time time last cani lah kan korg ingt blk time 1st korg dtg orientation kan. mse on the wat nak blk tadi, i met Athirah (from kedah). she said "rossseeee! rose lah mbr 1st tyra time orientation dulu. ingt tak kita duduk sebelah2 dalam dewan? tyra sedih lahh" and yes i did put a smiling face but deep down inside me, im trying to calm myself, not to burst into tears. then u guys ingt blk time 1st masuk clss. sume duk terkebil kebil tataw ape. and mbr2 korg time orientation pon korg dah x rpt sgt bila msuk class kan. u met the lecturers and the best part of it, u met many kinds of people. x kisah la kt class ke kt mn ke. but people from different walks of life

Dont you feel that time asasi nie baru lah korg belajar to think maturely? haaa. tgk gmba atas tuh. its just like ur turn from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. you are facing the world as it is. Bnyk moments gila kot kt asasi nie. bad moments and happy moments as well. here, we learn how to deal with different people from different place. here i learn who can be trusted and who cant. asasi time tought me how to face the REAL WORLD *its the real deal weeehhh. and yes the most memorable part of it was meeting you :)

i missed my old roomatesnew roomatesclassmates !! and my best buddies who never left me when im in my darkest moment. people that have known the real me yet they still stick with me. im gonna miss you, friend :)

heyyy chillaaxxxx~ x yah nak sedih2. cuti kan panjang righttt?? soo for those yg ada mbr jauh jauh gila tuuhhh, its time for you to pack up ur things agaiiinnn (time cuti nnt la bukan sekarang!) and go ahead !!! get on the road for another adventureee !! dr korg sedih2 x dpt jmpe, cuti nnt korg g la travel kt tmpt mbr tuhh. haaa. wouldnt it be more fun to look at tht perspective? time camni la best !!! cuti lama, korg g another place for another adventure *i've been planning to do that ya knowww??*

and yes my friends, yg mana2 rose rindu sgt nnt. korg tunggu jeee. nnt rose buat roadtrip pulaaakkkk ! i miss you fellow asasiann !!! 

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already miss u.. huk3

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